The impact of our work can be immediate. Even after engaging with Young Urban Arts Foundation just once, many young people say they feel happier and more confident. Some realise for the first time that they have talent in a particular area.

Teachers, youth workers and parents also report a noticeable difference in young people’s attitude and behaviour after working with us. They become more punctual, more open to sharing how they feel, and gain more respect from their peers. For example, someone who is usually quiet or shy in a normal teaching environment, may show a different side in a performing arts workshop.


On long-term programmes, a lot of our work is with young people from deprived or troubled backgrounds. Giving them the tools to see that they do have talents and skills, and that someone does believe in them, has a domino effect on other areas of their lives.

Our greatest success stories are young people who have joined one workshop, then a longer-term course, been referred onto other agencies as a volunteer, and then moved into paid work.

Many tell us their relationships have improved dramatically too – as once they started to believe in themselves, everyone else around them did too.

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